Voucher programme

Voucher programme

Offshore Wind Innovation CEntre

Part of the OWIC project is to take innovative ideas on O&M activities forward in pre-competitive partnerships through OWIC vouchers. Read on this page what the OWIC voucher scheme can do for your company.

What is the voucher programme?

The aim of OWIC is to facilitate the development of business and innovation in the field of offshore wind energy. In order to actively involve SMEs in pre-competitive cooperation projects, OWIC co-finances a number of these projects. OWIC brings together knowledge and experience and makes it accessible to companies in the region. Do you, as an SME, have an innovative idea in the field of offshore wind? If so, we would like to help you shape your idea and test the feasibility of the project. For example around one of the themes below:

  • cables
  • bolting
  • maintenance (operations & predictive maintenance)
  • Rotor blades
  • Energy (generation, storage and balancing)

Or do you have another innovation related to offshore wind? And would you like one of OWIC's partners to turn this into a technical, legal, economic, ecological, policy-related, innovative and/or social issue and provide an answer? Then the OWIC voucher scheme is for you!

We will be happy to help you further develop your innovative idea and test your innovation process.

Voucher projects

We offer two types of voucher programme?:

Idea phase (size max. € 5,000) are in principle meant to generate information with the help of desk research to substantiate and further develop the present idea. For example, can a new O&M application offer opportunities to the (applying) SME?

Assessment phase (size max. € 15,000) are aimed at assessing the (pre)feasibility of an idea: is the application of new O&M products/processes/services of the applicant SME feasible? 

Each OWIC voucher programme is concluded with a concise, clear report prepared by Hanzehogeschool, Saxion University, Groningen University or Noorderpoort.

OWIC voucher programme? in 4 steps

1. Registration: via the contact form or with Dirk Jan Hummel at info@owic-eemshaven.nl.

2. First meeting: identification of potential innovation and definition of question

3. Voucher for evaluation phase: award (value max. €15,000 and 20-30% own financial contribution)

4. Knowledge sharing: a clear and concise report

Want to know more?

Do you want to know what the OWIC voucher programme can do for your company? Are you curious about your opportunities at Eemshaven? Would you like to make use of OWIC's test facilities? Or would you like to get in touch with other offshore wind companies in the Northern region? 

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