Development of an Open Innovation Centre

Projects on energy storage in wind parks (Ocean Grazer and the RuG), the generation of wave energy and other forms of energy in wind parks (SeaQurrent) and balancing in which grid balancing and peak shaving with green energy are important topics for Groningen Seaports, TenneT and Enexis.

Development of sustainable recycling of rotor blades

A number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the north of the Netherlands, under the watchful eye of Vattenfall, want to cooperate extensively in the recycling of rotor blades: machine factory Van der Ploeg wants to do part of the logistics and the fresh shredding at sea; DHSS the general logistics; Lubbers Logistics and Bek & Verburg the processing of the material and the separation of the composites (glass and binder); and Virol the reuse of the composites.

Development of virtual basic training refreshers

Maintenance on and of offshore wind turbines involves unique risks. In the Offshore Safety Refreshers project, ways to train safety awareness and behaviour during maintenance work offshore are being explored. This knowledge is necessary because help is often not available quickly at these locations. This project meets the need to train high-risk offshore maintenance scenarios to be better prepared for dangerous situations and safety incidents.

Development of rotor blade inspection, visualisation and repair

Cooperation is sought with the AirTub project. In this project, GE will work together with Terra Drone, Drone Quest, DHSS, Hijsspecialist, CIV Offshore, Delftechniek, Demcon and others to develop better methods for using drones for detailed inspections and visualisations of rotor blades on offshore wind turbines.

Development of a scalable bolting concept

Northsea WindHub, Stork, Fieldlab Zephyros and Noorderpoort want to further specialise in methods to strongly reduce the problems of bolting at offshore wind turbines.

Development of a high voltage lab

TenneT, Engie, Visser & Smit Hanab, Eekels in collaboration with Noorderpoort test high voltage solutions. Practical training of Highvoltage 33KV, 66KV, 128KV. Product specific training and/or development of new innovations in this sector.

Development subsea cable maintenance & monitoring

Subsea 7 is a leading subsea engineering, construction and services company for the offshore wind industry. The need for further cable innovation is great. Together with Subsea 7 subsidiary SOC, HICE, DHSS, TenneT, TKF, Van Oord, Merkur, Boskalis, Fieldlab Zephyros and the Noorderpoort, this consortium wants to develop research-based innovations for cabling and maintenance. The aim is to prevent cable breakage during transport and handling and to realise a new efficient way of repairing cables.

Development of training facilities and tower

Rely on Nutec, together with Northsea WindHub, Rope Access Noord, Volker Wessel Workforce, Hijsspecialist, Delftechniek, CIV Offshore, Stopaq and the Noorderpoort, is going to investigate and further expand the total package of training courses from Eemshaven.