Development of a scalable bolting concept

Development of a scalable bolting concept

Northsea WindHub, Stork, Fieldlab Zephyros and Noorderpoort want to further specialise in methods to strongly reduce the problems of bolting at offshore wind turbines.

Together, these companies want to conduct research into the methods for developing and implementing a better method of offshore bolting in a sustainable manner:

  • Performing predictive maintenance on bolts more efficiently;
  • Specialist training of bolting technicians for the various applied and innovative bolting methods for, among other things, critical joints in the tower and rotor blades of the turbine;
  • Being able to measure the integrity of the bolts with ultrasonic techniques and perform integrity surveys;
  • Knowledge of high-pressure hydraulic tools and being able to carry out maintenance on bolting projects.


These innovations are jointly developed in the Subsea Cable Lab in the OWIC. This project includes the following activities:

  1. a) Realisation of a mock up of MP-TP test flange for bolting
    b) Test lab set-up including tools for ultrasonic measurements and stretching bolts

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