Development subsea cable maintenance & monitoring

Development subsea cable maintenance & monitoring

Subsea 7 is a leading subsea engineering, construction and services company for the offshore wind industry. The need for further cable innovation is great. Together with Subsea 7 subsidiary SOC, HICE, DHSS, TenneT, TKF, Van Oord, Merkur, Boskalis, Fieldlab Zephyros and the Noorderpoort, this consortium wants to develop research-based innovations for cabling and maintenance. The aim is to prevent cable breakage during transport and handling and to realise a new efficient way of repairing cables.

In cooperation with similar projects such as JIP CALM (Deltares), Fieldlab Zephyros, TNO and Marin want to develop a robotic subsea inspection project. Such an inspection tool will ensure that people are informed in time if cables start to move in and on the seabed, thus preventing damage. These innovations are being jointly developed in the Subsea Cable Lab in the OWIC.


The project includes the following activities:

  • Development of new system with logistic drums for cable handling
  • Mock up (and digital twin) of terminations and cable repair
  • Monitoring cables with robotised subsea inspections

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