Development of a Start-up Scale-up platform offshore wind

Development of a Start-up Scale-up platform offshore wind

Project to expand platform and workplaces for young entrepreneurs in the offshore wind market in Eemshaven. In 2019, partly with the help of EBG (Economic Board Groningen), activities started in the Nijlicht building.

The platform currently has 10 participating start-up and scale-up companies. It offers young entrepreneurs in the start-up and scale-up scene opportunities to innovate and conquer the offshore wind market. In the OWIC, support for start-up and scale-up companies is an opportunity to stimulate innovation in the Eems Delta region. This can attract new companies and lead to new revenue models. Naturally, there is also a chance that a start-up and scale-up will expand into a full-scale factory or company with a business location in or around Eemshaven.

Research and company visits have shown that start-ups and scale-ups do not so much choose specific accommodation/location, but are attracted by the 'community' they are offered. Eemshaven has connections with start-up accelerator/platform programmes, young professional networks and cooperation with parties such as Groningen Seaports, SNN and NOM Flinc regarding favourable arrangements for start-ups and scale-ups, such as advantageous financial advice and business mentorship. Naturally, platform participants get intensive cooperation with their own clients, parties that represent the renowned business community in the offshore wind industry.

Additional funding via EBG.

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