Training facilities

Training facilities are offered by various commercial companies. A number of these companies are already active (on a temporary basis) within Eemshaven. The aim of this work package is to firmly link the commercial training companies with the educational institutions and to allow the companies to make use of the test facilities (on a commercial basis).

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Ultimately, an offshore wind innovation hub is not complete without training companies that have a permanent location in Eemshaven and serve the cluster as a whole from here. The business community has expressed a strong need for company training courses for the five identified innovation themes. In addition to testing innovations, it is important to develop training courses that fit in with the new working methods or the use of the innovative technology. For example, a new bolting method; before installing new bolt and nut connections, a training course is necessary in order to carry out the work off-shore as efficiently as possible. Or a training module on the use of unmanned aerial and underwater robots in holistic and physical interaction during inspection of wind turbines. Besides the innovations, training in use is almost always linked to the deployment of advanced technologies. Within the project, an expert group (offshore wind training) will be formed that meets periodically to discuss progress, activities and the training needs of affiliated SMEs and large companies. These experts are the link between business, research and education.

Cable maintenance

Training for cable maintenance and repair. Development of blended simulation training to train the offshore maintenance work on cables onshore. Think of the coupling of cables to the wind turbines, cable connections and maintenance work after damage.

  • Projectlead - Groningen Seaports
  • SME partner - Hulst Innovation Cable Equipment (HICE), Stopaq
  • Stakeholders - Van Oord, TenneT, Sealane, TKF, Ballast Nedam, DHSS
  • Knowledge institution - Noorderpoort, RUG (digital twin)


Training courses for maintenance and installation of bolted connections. Development of blended training courses to increase maintenance efficiency and learn new installation methods. There are thousands of bolts in a wind turbine. Vibrations can cause bolts to loosen and ultimately result in massive damage.

  • Projectlead - Northsea WindHub
  • SME partner - Rope Access Noord
  • Stakeholders - Peterson Wind Asset Management, Siemens, Van Oord,
  • Knowledge institution - Noorderpoort, RUG (digital twin)

Remote Operations & (Predictive) Maintenance

Training for use of the unmanned aerial and underwater robot in holistic and physical inspections of wind turbines, use of inspection drones, sensor technology and diagnostic systems. This includes preparatory actions for the deployment of inspection drones, such as testing systems and sensors, but also simulations for repairs, troubleshooting and emergency procedures.

  • Projectlead - Fieldlab Zephyros / Northsea WindHub
  • SME partner - DHSS, DroneQuest,
  • Stakeholders - Demcon, LM Windpower, Qlayers, Terradrone, Siemens, GE, Visser Smit & Hanab, Volker Wessels Workforce
  • Knowledge institution - Saxion University, Hanze University, RuG (digital twin), New Energy Coalition

Rotor Blades

Training for the repair and safe recycling of turbine blades. Development of work processes and training to safely recycle composite material from turbine blades and make it suitable for use in the circular economy. The need is great, because in the next five years 14,000 turbine blades will be decommissioned in Europe. Developing training for blade repair that not only looks at structural strength but also at aerodynamic performance.

  • Projectlead - Virol
  • SME partner - Lubbers Logistics
  • Stakeholders - Bek & Verburg, Reym, DHSS, Machinefabriek van der Ploeg, BioBTX
  • Knowledge institution - Hanzehogeschool, RUG (digital twin), New Energy Coalition

Energy generation, storage and balancing

Training for installation and maintenance of complementary energy storage at wind farms. The training provides added value for engineers to experience the analysis and interaction of the complementary components with the environment. This is in preparation for a large-scale deployment at an Orsted wind farm.

  • Projectlead - STARK Learning
  • SME partner - Ocean Grazer
  • Stakeholders - Orsted, Siemens, GE, MHI Vestas, Van Oord, Ballast Nedam, SeaQurrent
  • Knowledge institution - RUG (digital twin), Hanzehogeschool, New Energy Coalition

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