Development of sustainable recycling of rotor blades

Development of sustainable recycling of rotor blades

A number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the north of the Netherlands, under the watchful eye of Vattenfall, want to cooperate extensively in the recycling of rotor blades: machine factory Van der Ploeg wants to do part of the logistics and the fresh shredding at sea; DHSS the general logistics; Lubbers Logistics and Bek & Verburg the processing of the material and the separation of the composites (glass and binder); and Virol the reuse of the composites.

These innovations are jointly developed around the available wind turbines in the OWIC and include the following activities:a) Development of fresh shredding at sea

b) Research on best separation methods
c) Research into applications and marketing of new semi-finished products
d) Setting up a pilot project in Eemshaven

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