Offshore Wind Innovation Centre

Lubbers Logistics Group

Lubbers Logistics Group is a global expert in transport and logistics. It is an SME that focuses on logistics & recycling within OWIC.


Virol specialises in the collection, processing and treatment of waste, raw materials and materials. It is an SME that focuses on recycling within OWIC.


Delftechniek is a technical wholesaler of 'tools, safety and supplies' for industry, construction, shipping, installation technology & agriculture. It is an SME that focuses on safety within OWIC.


DHSS provides ship agency services and helicopter logistics for the offshore energy industry; offshore wind and oil and gas. It is an SME within OWIC that focuses on offshore (wind) logistics.

CIV Offshore & Shipping

CIV Offshore & Shipping focuses on providing equipment and services to offshore energy and maritime industries. It is an SME that focuses on offshore (wind) supplies within OWIC. inspects, certifies, maintains, repairs, tests and trials lifting and hoisting equipment, portable climbing equipment, fall protection devices, cranes and NEN-3140 tools. Furthermore offers a complete range in hoisting and lifting equipment, tools, safety articles and related products. is an SME company that within OWIC focuses on lifting and hoisting equipment.


STOPAQ is the market leader in developing new products for sealing and corrosion prevention applications, while meeting stringent health and safety requirements. STOPAQ systems protect against the ingress of water, oxygen and bacteria and are the most environmentally friendly corrosion prevention systems in the world. Applications include land-based pipelines, offshore platforms, subsea pipelines, refineries, processing plants and civil structures. STOPAQ is an SME within OWIC that focuses on cable sealing & corrosion prevention.

Hulst Innovation Cable Equipment

Hulst Innovation Cable Equipment (HICE) is an innovative machine and construction builder that has been serving various companies with its own innovative solutions since 1994. Solutions that generally make the work of her clients more sustainable, easier, more efficient and/or cheaper. At HICE they build a wide range of machines for the offshore industry, innovative equipment for milking parlors and they are committed to sustainable energy with Custom Windmills. HICE is an SME that within OWIC focuses on cable handling.

Rope Access North

Rope Access Noord (RAN) is a northern SME that carries out Rope Access (working at height using rope techniques) and technical work and provides and facilitates safety training. It regularly works in the offshore wind sector from Eemshaven and is deployed for all kinds of work. RAN has an impressive track record and is at the heart of the off-shore wind network in the north of the Netherlands and is happy to put its network, experience, knowledge and ideas at the disposal of OWIC. RAN hopes that this will help create a chain reaction of regional and mutual reinforcement in this promising sector. Because of the extensive expertise within RAN in the field of working in offshore wind turbines, working at sea, safety, working at heights, medical matters, rescue and all kinds of techniques such as huge bolted connections (bolting), coating, it will be deployed within OWIC at the test and training facilities.

Northsea Windhub

Northsea Windhub is a partnership between Rope Access Noord, Rely on Nutec, Groningen Seaports and Noorderpoort College. This partnership was specifically set up to establish and manage the OWIC test and training facilities and to ensure that all interested parties who wish to use these facilities have access to them. The facilities will be adapted and maintained where necessary so that they can be used in the widest and most useful way possible, adapted to the demands of the market.


Saxion develops new knowledge through industrial research and puts it into practice by means of the Living Technology profile. Saxion specifically sees its position as an innovator for 'The Smart World' reflected in OWIC, by using its knowledge to realise pioneering innovations that give rise to new, smart solutions for the world around us, such as the Raak-PRO MARS4Earth (Modular Aerial Robotic Systems for Sustainable living on Earth) project on flying robots that inspect wind turbines autonomously.


TCNN's ambition is to be the project management partner for SMEs and (semi) governmental institutions in the North of the Netherlands. TCNN believes that a vital and dynamic small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector is essential for the competitiveness of the region. The Northern SME's ambition is to contribute to the energy transition, also in the field of offshore wind related innovations. TCNN speaks the language of the MKB and builds bridges between (semi) public authorities, knowledge institutions, large companies and MKB to actually realize the OWIC ambitions of the MKB together. TCNN has an extensive SME network and has a lot of knowledge and experience in realizing (pre-competitive) innovation projects with SMEs. With the 'execution' of many (large) projects, TCNN has a lot of experience in the project management of complex innovation projects and is the organization for the penmanship in complex SME cluster projects.

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