Test facilities

An important point of attention - and currently a major bottleneck - is the availability of sufficient generic Operation & Maintenance (O&M) test facilities. That is why OWIC ensures the availability of facilities where research by industry and education can take place. This for different levels of education, post-initial education and research.

Added value of the test facilities

  • Supply chain companies can test and validate specific applications of their products at a visible location of their customers
  • These facilities are also available to companies and knowledge institutions outside the region, which increases interaction and cooperation with local companies and allows for business and employment growth in the region.
  • Companies responsible for maintenance and repair of the wind turbine can carry out tests at this location with their partners.
  • The available test facilities have a knock-on effect for innovative companies in the sector. Innovations need to be demonstrated and tested for a long time before they can be implemented.

The following test facilities are under development:

Subsea Cable Lab & Offshore Bolting Workshop including mock-up

The first activities focus on the direct need of the business community to create research facilities for cable & bolt testing and handling applications. Together with the Fieldlab Zephyros, a project is being developed that will make use of these facilities. There is also a need for a High Voltage Lab. The Subsea Cable activities will eventually have to be tested under high voltage.

Rotor blade inspection by drone/robot

Measurement facilities focused on O&M where new ways of maintenance and repair are tested with the help of robotics, automation, Artificial Intelligence and drone techniques. A wind turbine and a workshop with wind turbine blades will be made available for this purpose. There is also a great need for knowledge about decommissioning. A demonstration workshop for the recycling of rotor blades will be created in a Rotor Blade Recycle Lab.

Working at heights academy (virtual training & basic training) instruction room and tower

Research into innovative solutions for interactive training in working at height in preparation for work offshore and other safety training based on the GWO training standard BST. An actual wind turbine gives an even more realistic picture of reality.

Data and Simulation Lab

All data for Remote Operations & (Predictive) Maintenance from sensors, drones and underwater drones (possibly combined with Artificial Intelligence) will have to be collected, analysed and interpreted in the Data and Simulation Lab. This Data and Simulation Lab can possibly be further expanded into a fully integrated Data Tower in which issues such as Zero Downtime and Zero on-site Maintenance are important themes. The Data Tower will be realised together with Fieldlab Zephyros.

Open Innovation Centre

In the Open Innovation Centre, related themes concerning energy generation, storage and balancing are being researched. It is a kind of on-site workshop for testing new applications in and around offshore wind farms, for example installing measuring facilities at a location in the water for energy storage and wave energy.

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