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The Offshore Wind Innovation Centre (OWIC) in Eemshaven is an information, training and innovation centre aimed at companies and knowledge institutions involved in offshore wind energy. The aim of OWIC is to facilitate the development of activity and innovation in the field of offshore wind energy. It brings together knowledge and experience and makes it accessible to governments, knowledge institutions and the business community.

The need for green energy is increasing. The importance and scope of wind energy, especially wind energy generated at sea, will continue to grow in the years to come. Part of this wind energy will be generated off the Wadden coast. These offshore wind farms not only have to be built, but also maintained. There are major economic opportunities here for (new) business activity, knowledge sharing and innovations. OWIC ensures that companies can innovate and develop in offshore wind energy easier and faster. The focus is on the service and maintenance of the wind farms. OWIC is the one-stop shop for information and for making relevant contacts with others. OWIC also provides facilities for training and education in the field of offshore wind energy.


What we do for you

Test facilities

Facilities for research by industry and education.

Business development

Projects to create innovations and jobs.

Training & Education

Educational programmes for offshore wind.


Training facilities offered by commercial companies.


Co-financing of a number of projects.


What we are working on

Voucher programme

Do you have an innovative idea in the field of offshore wind?

Or do you have another innovation related to offshore wind? And would you like one of the OWIC partners to take a technical, legal, economic, ecological, policy, innovative and/or social to turn this into a technical, legal, economic, ecological, policy-related, innovative and/or social issue and provide an answer?

Then the OWIC voucher programme is for you!

News & events

Our news and events

News - 
March 7, 2023

Introducing: Topwind

Event - 
June 14, 2023

Save the Date: Symposium - June 14

News - 
February 16, 2023

Wind Farm Fryslân excursion - Jan. 27

Event - 
April 6, 2023
 - 11:00 - 17.30

April 6, @North Festival

News - 
January 18, 2023

Introducing: Ocean Grazer

Event - 
January 19, 2023
 - 09:00

Final Conference DecomTools -19 January 2023

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